• We are capacity builders and teachers' trainers, providing digital and Computer Science knowledge resources to empower NGOs, educators and youth to achieve their maximum potential and participate fully to the digital transformation of our society.


    We believe technology can contribute to fostering a more educated, open and democratic Romania, therefore we work to make it accessible, understandable and familiar to change-makers in our society.

    An independent nonprofit organization founded in 2010, Asociatia Techsoup is a capacity-building nonprofit organisation that provides technology resources and inspiration to nonprofits, educators and youth.

  • Our work

    • We serve the vibrant Romanian NGO sector and strive to offer as many technology-enabled tools as possible to boost the incredible civic work they do in Romania.
    • We are committed to promote the dynamic local IT environment and believe that the Romanian NGO sector and IT industry can together foster a society that is more open and democratic.
    • We aim to create meaningful interactions with technology for youth and educators and promote IT knowledge as a powerful enabler for tomorrow's professionals and citizens.

  • Our impact so far

    Discover the reach and the impact of our programs.

    +6,500,000 USD

    our contribution to the capacity of the Romanian nonprofit sector - the fair market value of the software products received by our NGO community between 2010-2018

    +3,500 Romanian NGOs

    registered and validated through the TechSoup Romania Program

    +4,500 teachers

    primary school and computer science teachers discovering a learner-centered project-based education enabled by technology, computer science and digital skills

    +12,000 K12 students

    6 to 18 years old students in our educational programs and events

    +1,750 NGO employees trained

    NGOs employees and volunteers trained in digital skills

    13 global technology partners

    +100 software and cloud services

    facilitating tech resources for eligible NGOs from Adobe, Airbnb, Autodesk, Amazon, Bitdefender, Box.org, CISCO, Google, Microsoft, Symantec, Tableau, Veritas, Zoom

    5 cloud plans for NGOs

    available for eligible NGOs: Amazon Web Services, Google for Nonprofits, Office 365 Nonprofit, Microsoft Cloud Services, Microsoft Discount

    Bitdefender as a global donor

    since 2013, Bitdefender is the first Romanian IT company that donates globally, in all 236 countries and territories of the globe, with support from TechSoup and the TechSoup Global Network.

  • Hear it from the educators we work for

    Learn more about our work in education, directly from the educators we work with.

    Teaching (the) Future / Predau Viitor

    How can computer science teachers support more their students in innovating and teaching a more interactive CS? learn more from the computer science teachers in the Accelerator Predau Viitor program in 2018.

    Digital Handbook / Îndreptar Digital

    How are primary school teachers in rural areas using technology to support the learning of their students? Learn more from primary school teachers we have been working with in the last 2 years in www.indreptardigital.ro

  • Awards

    Grateful to have our work rewarded internationally and nationally.

    2nd Prize in Education, Teaching, Research,

    Civil Society Gala 2020

    for Indreptar Digital

    2nd Prize in Social and Economical Development,

    Civil Society Gala 2018

    for Predau Viitor

    3rd Prize in Education, Teaching, Research,

    Civil Society Gala 2018

    for Indreptar Digital

    Project of the Year in Corporate Volunteering, National Volunteer Gala 2017

    for Opening Opportunities

    Digital Skills in Education Award,

    European Digital Skills Awards 2017

    created by the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition,

    EU Commission

    for Opening Oppportunities

    Best CSR Program,

    People for People Gala 2015

    for Opening Opportunities

    Project of the Year in Corporate Volunteering, National Volunteer Gala 2015

    for Opening Opportunities

    3rd Prize in Social Responsibility,

    Civil Society Gala 2015

    for Financial Education for NGOs

    Special Prize for Education,

    CSR Awards Gala 2015

    for Financial Education for NGOs

    2nd Prize in Social Responsibility,

    Civil Society Gala 2014

    for Opening Opportunities

  • Our programs for NGOs

    We build technology-enabled capacity building programs for Romanian NGOs, empowering a growing community of +3,500 NGOs to tackle civic and social problems. Click on each logo to visit the respective program's website.

    +3,500 nonprofit organizations can benefit from professional software and cloud services from global and local tech partners

    ongoing program since 2009

    TechSoup Romania Program is a joint partnership between TechSoup and Asociatia Techsoup in Romania.

    supporting NGOs in the Republic of Moldova with technology tools for their work

    ongoing program since 2015

    TechSoup Moldova Program is a joint partnership between TechSoup and Asociatia Techsoup in Romania.

    the first digital school created exclusively for NGOs employees and volunteers, with webinars and courses taught by the best tech and online experts in Romania and abroad

    ongoing program since 2015

    The first edition of the program, 2015-2016, was funded by EEA Grants and the NGO Fund in Romania.

    Since 2016 the program is self-funded by the TechSoup Romania Program with contributions from amazing volunteer trainers.

  • Learn more about the

    TechSoup Romania Program


    TechSoup Romania is a technology-enabled capacity building program for NGOs. We believe that a vibrant NGO sector needs to be equipped with effective technology to fulfil its mission to its full potential.


    Discover the available cloud services, the more than 100 professional software programs and free trainings in digital skills available for eligible Romanian NGOs.

  • Our programs for education

    We develop research-based educational programs for educators and their students, enabled by sound pedagogy, digital skills and applied computer science competences. Click on each logo to visit the respective program's website.

    a transformational program for Computer Science teachers to support them to add project-based learning and product development skills to their teaching

    ongoing program since 2016

    Predau Viitor is created with the support and strategic funding of Romanian American Foundation.

    In 2019-2020 Predau Viitor is also supported by Societe Generale - European Business Services and Google.

    a professional development program for primary school teachers in rural and small urban areas of Romania to train them to use digital tools and skills to build a more effective educational experience for their students

    ongoing program since 2017

    Indreptar Digital is a program supported by the Google Foundation of Tides Foundation.

    micro-granting for NGOs to build technology and coding events during the Europe Code Week grassroots movement and encourage children and youth to develop the 21st century skills they need

    ongoing program since 2017

    Meet and Code is a program initiated and financed by SAP in partenership wtih Stifter-helfen IT-Portal and TechSoup Europe partners.

  • Donors and funders

    Donors and funders in 2018.

    funded by the Google.org by the Tides Foundation.

    Google Educator PD Grants international competition winner in 2019.

  • Budget

    Fiscal year 01 January-31 December 2018.

    540,000 USD

    All revenues in 2018, including grants, donations, sponsorships and revenues according to the Romanian legislation, from Romanian and international donors, as per annual fiscal report submitted with the Romanian National Fiscal Agency.

    each 1 USD spent in the TechSoup Program creates a 50 USD investment added in the Romanian nonprofit sector

    In 2018, the fair market value of the software that have reached Romanian NGOs with our support has been estimated at 1,150,000 USD.

    The value of the cloud services donated to NGOS in the program is estimated at +750.000 USD annually.


  • Partners and friends

    We work with amazing partners and supporters.

    TechSoup Program partners















    Programs partners


    Google.org and Tides Foundation

    Google Educator Grants

    Romanian-American Foundation


    TechSoup Europe

    Societe Generale - European Business Services

    Supporters and friends

    ANIS - Employer's Association of the Software and Services Industry


    Banat IT

    Ateliere fara Frontiere


    GameDev Academy

    Increase Digital

    Ui Path


  • Membership

    We are part of the national and European conversation on advancing digital skills.

    Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the European Commission

    Coaliția pentru Educație Digitală

  • TechSoup and the TechSoup Global Network

    Asociatia Techsoup is a proud member of the TechSoup Global Network since 2010. TechSoup Global Network partners manage a range of technology capacity-building programs to serve communities in nearly every region of the world.

    Each network partner tailors its program to the needs of its community and shares insights with other network partners to better serve communities worldwide.

    Asociatia Techsoup is also member of TechSoup Europe, the amazing European network of partners that builds capacity for European NGOs.

  • Executive team

    Learn more about our amazing executive team.

    Radu Moțoc

    Executive Vice President

    Radu Moțoc knows by heart the Romanian nonprofit sector, having 20 years of experience in executive and leadership capacities in one of the most importants NGOs in Romania: Open Society Foundation, ActiveWatch, ProDemocratia. Radu also sits on the board of the Center for Legal Resources, a Bucharest-based nonprofit organization that advocates respect for human rights and strengthening rule of law. He is an alumnus of German Marshall Fund's Marshall Memorial Fellowship Program.

    Besides looking for innovative approaches to management and leadership, Radu's main interests are in political communication and international affairs.

    He holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Bucharest and has completed MA studies in International Relations with the Institute for Political Research of the University of Bucharest.

    Elena Coman

    Programs Director

    For 17 years now, Elena has been working in the nonprofit sector as a program designer or lead communicator. Since joining the Asociatia Techsoup team in 2012, she feels most at home in leading transformative professional development experiences for educators in public schools in Romania.

    She was trained as a primary school teacher, did a B.A. in Political Science from the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences and a MA in Ethics from the Philosophy Faculty, University of Bucharest.

    Gabriela Anghel

    TechSoup Romania Program Manager

    Gabriela joined Asociatia Techsoup after 12 years of working in the private sector. While volunteering for a civic group in Bucharest and helping it grow since 2015, she discovered the amazing world of NGOs and their impact. She is committed to supporting NGOs have access to the right technology they need ever since.

    She holds a BA in Political Sciences from University of Bucharest; she has completed a MA in Political Theory from Univesità degli Studi di Cagliari as an Erasmus Student and Institute of Political Research of the University of Bucharest and a MA in Communication at the University of Bucharest.

    Ana Stamatescu

    Digital Education Coordinator

    Ana’s background as volunteer and contributing to education and youth NGOs goes back to 2008. When she’s not busy spreading the word about MOOC's and digital competences, she fosters her passions for outdoor sports, traveling and bats.

    In 2017, Ana became a Forbes Romania "30 under 30" Honoree, part of a new generation of young entrepreneurs and digital social changers. From 2018, she is also part of the Bosch Alumni Network as a Changemaker Fellow.

    She has an BSc in Automatic Control and Applied Informatics from the University Politechnica of Bucharest and a MSc in Business Management from the Academy of Economic Studies.

    Adela Beca

    Community Coordinator

    Adela joined our team after almost 10 years of working in marketing and communications in the private and public sector. In the past 2 years, she has been a primary school teacher in a rural village near Bucharest, as part of the Teach for Romania program. This is how she discovered her passion for education and decited to dedicate herself to her new goal: that of supporting as many teachers as possible access quality trainings and resources and spreading the word about the amazing pedagogical role that using technology may have in school activities.

    Her education background includes Masters in Advertising at a Business, Marketing & Communication School in Barcelona and an Advertising degree from the University of Bucharest – Journalism and Communication Studies.

    Roxana Turcu

    Training Manager

    Roxana is passionate by the social change field in which she has been active for more than 10 years. She has a wide experience in facilitating groups of people at national and international level and enjoys creating learning contexts using various contemplative and non-formal education methods.
    She holds an MA in Advanced Development in Social Work and currently follows the courses of Dalai Lama Fellowship organized by the Contemplative Sciences Centre at the University of Virginia USA.

  • Board

    Chris Worman

    Founder and President of the Board

    After several years in American nonprofit development, Chris moved in Romania as a Peace Corps volunteer. For couple of years, he had been involved in Central & Eastern European philanthropy and tech for social change - starting Romania's first community foundation, leading trainings and workshops for NGOs, consulting extensively with and for philanthropists, building social enterprises and dabbling in ICT for civil society through building TechSoup Romania.

    He now lives and works for the TechSoup Global Network, in San Francisco.

    Radu Motoc

    Executive Vice President

    Madalina Mocan

    Board Member

    Mădălina Mocan is coordinating, on behalf of Rațiu Center for Democracy, the COMBAT project (Combat Measures against Human Trafficking in Tourist Industry). Among her most recent contributions to the not-for-profit sector, Mădălina has introduced a model of harnessing the new technologies focused on promoting transparency and accountability of the political representatives. She is currently a PhD candidate in Political Sciences at Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca) with a research proposal regarding the role of national and international donors and grant givers in Romania’s civil society public agenda setting. She is an alumna of the Aspen Institute Romania Young Leaders program (2009), and a German Marshall Transatlantic Fellow (2014).

    Andrei Roth

    Board Member

    Andrei has an extensive experience in telecom, IT and travel. He had worked for companies as diverse as the worldwide market leader for IPTV software, Romanian startup consumer telecoms, public-private partnership dealing with telecom infrastructure in metropolitan areas. He is currently the GM for Recognos Romania, one of the most experienced software development companies in the country, based in Cluj-Napoca. He has graduated from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with a Bachelors of Science Degree. He is a Fellow of the Aspen Institute Romania Young Leaders Program and the Founding Curator for the Global Shapers Hub in Cluj (a World Economic Forum initiative).

    Andrei Pogonaru

    Board Member

    Andrei is an entrepreneur, working to promote both his family's business interest and ventures with strong social ambitions. After 9 years spent studying and working abroad, he returned to Romania in 2007 to join the family business. Since then, he initiated the Good.Bee project and a private equity fund. Good.Bee is a service focused on "banking the unbanked". It provides financial products as well as the technology and literacy needed to access them. He holds BA and MA degrees in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

  • Our extended team

    We have been privileged to work with partners that understand and support our work and mission.

    Branding and design

    Bogdan Moga, freelance designer



    Simon Dietrich, creative studio


    Photo and video

    Cosmin Sbarcea, photographer

    Mihnea Ratte, photographer


    Ligia Popescu, editor

    Eduard Parvu, image

    Sysadmin support

    Andrei F., ninja sysadmin


    FIX Contab, accounting and financial auditing

  • Contact us

    Want to learn more about our work, you want to contribute to our programs or you're just looking for opportunities to volunteer? We're always online: drop us a note here, reach us by email or via social media.

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